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Lesbian porn games – what the fuck are they all about?

Do you love lesbian sex? Perhaps you are one these lesbians that we’ve heard so many great things about. Perhaps, like us, you are a simple, geeky, weirdo that likes nothing more than to creep over sexy ladies having the sex. However, just like us, you can’t any more because if you get caught one more time, the police will lock you up for good. So, if like us, you’ve had your lesbian sex content restricted, then lesbian sex games could be for you. They could also be for if you fancy a fuck with a hot lady and you are yourself a hot lady. In fact, whether you are a lady or a creepy weirdo like us, lesbian porn games could be right up your street.

Lesbian porn games, as I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title of this genre of games, is all about the sex with the ladies. When two ladies meet and decide that they want to pound pussies, and after they have both signed waivers for this act, then the sex can begin. Lesbian porn games, cut right to the sex, there is no flirting, no waiver signing ceremonies, nothing, it’s just sex, sex, sex. Well, actually not always, a lot of lesbian sex games have a storyline too. This can follow a young lady on her guest to meet the right man, only to discover that she likes the hairy, wet pussy instead after a few brief encounters with librarians and lawyers.

Perhaps this lady has decided that she liked the girls before you meet her as your character. In this case, this lady may take you on a thrill ride full of pussy and strap ons because the storyline demands it. A storyline like this, for example, could be the guest to buy a home for her and her lesbian lover, and the only way to get the money in time for the deposit is to fuck the granny out of a banker. She then goes to the mortgage adviser, but the mortgage adviser isn’t convinced that she can afford the house, so she fucks the living fuck out of her too. Of course, the house needs building work doing, and a very sexy builder comes round to do the work, and so on and so on.

There are fucking loads of lesbian porn games out there right now, many with odd and fun storylines just like the ones above. Some of the lesbian sex games out there just stick to a lot of fucking, but others make it a plot device.

Choosing the best lesbian porn game for you

If, like us, you find it difficult choosing a good lesbian sex game, then we’re glad you’ve made it to our site. Here you can find loads of lesbian porn games and what we thought about them. Every single lesbian sex game that you see here, we have played and we have jerked off to (there’s an image for you). So, when it comes to lesbian porn games, we know our fucking stuff, and we are happy to share these sexy little secrets with you so that you know what is best porn game for you.

All jokes aside, choosing a good lesbian porn game to play isn’t actually that easy. Firstly, these are a lot of shit porn games out there that play like a confusing pile of vomit with plot twists in every direction possible and some fucking odd sex too. So, of course, we’re sure you’d like to avoid these lesbian games.

There are, of course, some fucking excellent lesbian porn games out there too. Now, there are certainly a lot of lesbian porn games that are free, but are these any good? Well, that’s why we started this website. We are going to play every fucking lesbian porn game in the world and find out what the fuck is going on with them. A lot of the free lesbian porn games out there are a bunch of shit that I wouldn't wish my worst fucking enemy to play, but some are fucking awesome and really pound some pussies! These are the ones we want you to play.

Of course, there are also pay-for lesbian porn games too. Some of these include in-game purchases and others just cost money in the normal, old-fashioned, boring way. Spending any money on a porn game is a big investment and so we wanted to know what the fuck these games offered that others didn’t. So we’ve played these too and now we can tell you all about these fucking amazing lesbian games too. Again, some of these lesbian porn games you shouldn’t touch with a long, erect barge pole, but others, you have to check out!

What lesbian porn games are we offering?

We are offering you every fucking lesbian porn game you have ever heard of. We’re also offering you the latest lesbian porn games too. We have played every fucking game that has anything to do with the lesbians. We have them all. If you have a favourite lesbian porn game that you’ve always want to hear someone elses opinion about, that’s a bit weird, but okay, you can see our opinion here. Or if you fancy trying a new lesbian porn game that might tickle your little pickle, then you’ll find some good shit here.

We have the best rated lesbian porn games ever made on here. We also have tips and cheats about some of the lesbian games that can help you get through the hard parts and keep you hard when it matters. We have everything related to lesbian porn games here and so it has never been a better time to chose a lesbian porn game and have some fucking fun! So, choose a porn game, drop your trouser and let us tell you about what you can expect from this sexy fucking game!

So much smut on lesbian porn games

Some of the best lesbian porn games really make you feel like you are deep inside a lesbian sex dungeon taking a stiff strap on deep inside your wet pussy, even if all you’re doing is pressing a fucking button over and over again until your character squirts all over the place. Honestly people, some of the graphics and the sex scenes in some of the games are fucking incredible. A lot of them are shit too, though.

The good sex scenes involve some amazing camera angles, some fast and furious fucking and a hell of a lot of options. Also, as you play through some of the lesbian games, you are levelling up your character so they can take more of a fucking, or give more of one. You’ll also find more toys and whips and shit too. At the beginning of most lesbian porn games, you’ll only be able to use your mouth, hands and feet. However, play one for as little as a few minutes and you’ll quickly find a strap on, dildo or something even more impressive to get some fucking done with. As you advance through the game, these sex tools improve and you have the option to upgrade them too.

So, if you’ve never played a lesbian sex game, get ready to enjoy yourself! The sex just gets better and better in most lesbian games as you level up and achieve more. However, not all the lesbian sex games are created equal. Some of these porn games are truly fucking shocking, in fact, it can take over half an hour to see any lesbian sex in some games. Also, when you finally see the sex, it is from fucking far away and you can’t make anything out at all.

Don’t worry, though, we’ll tell you about which lesbian sex games to avoid and which ones you have to check out! Whether you are looking for a lesbian gaming adventure where there is sex and a quest that you can follow alone into the darkest realms of your fantasies or you just want to push some buttons and see some sexy lesbian ladies get to fucking, we have the game on here for you.

So many great lesbian sex games

We can’t fucking wait to show you all of the best lesbian sex games ever created. Some are so recent that we hadn’t heard of them before and some are so fucking old that my gran knew about them before her death in that gangbangging accident. We have every fucking lesbian game you’ve ever heard of on here and some you couldn’t pick out in a pussy line up. So if you want to see what we think about your favourite lesbian porn games, or you want to discover your new favourite lesbian porn game, check the fuck out of this site. We have them all, from the good, to the bad, to the fuck ugly! You’ll find every lesbian porn game you have ever wanted to see on here.

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